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Video Advertising

“My ad was interrupted by this video…”

Video for Advertisers

Captivate your audiences with videos running across multiple screens on top quality inventory.  Impact engaged viewers with our transparent RTB platform and personally managed branding campaigns. Connect with our premium inventory that goes on for miles.

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Video for Publishers

Place premium video advertising quickly and watch it create sustainable value for you. With integrations across many exchanges, DMG offers multi-screen video content and engagement with top brands, driving value for publishers.

Mobile Advertising

“I’m always on, you’re always welcome…”

Mobile for Advertisers

Reach any mobile screen and limitless demographics with DMG’s high-performance mobile advertising services. Draw mobile traffic to your eCommerce or entertainment site anywhere, at any time of the day with our RTB. Access our patented optimization platform for advanced mobile campaign performance and conversion tracking.


Mobile for Publishers

Monetize mobile traffic across multiple carriers, operating systems, device models, browsers, internet connections, and in-app. Tackle global campaigns on the mobile web with DMG’s customized solutions for impressive fill rates and CPMs. Find the best advertisers through DMG’s integrations with major SSPs and access rich data. Achieve long-term, sustainable profits.

Social Advertising

“Some of my best friends are real…”

Social for Advertisers

Achieve the highest levels of targeting so you can build brand awareness or acquire users.  Our in-house creative studio can bring your creatives to life cross-device from mobile to display and beyond. Take advantage of our many certified partnerships.


Social for Publishers

Our premium publishing partners include:

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