140 Characters To Better Engagement

271 million active users on Twitter post an average of 500 million Tweets every day, 78% of these active users are using Twitter on mobile devices.  These potential consumers are generating a lot of data on social media as they use these platforms to share their activities, interests, habits and more. Combining this user-generated content with more generic data such as gender, age and location, is crucial to successful campaign performance for advertisers.

As advertising spent is migrating to mobile where consumers are less and less tolerant of intrusive banners (not to mention these banners don’t really work on mobile), native advertising is gaining power. It works on mobile, it brings a lot of creative opportunities and most of all – if done right, it attracts consumers due to deeper and richer levels of engagement.




Twitter’s promoted ads let advertisers target a brand’s non-followers and potential consumers who tweet or engage with selected keywords, allowing advertisers to blend in with the consumers’ conversation. Advertisers pay when a user takes an action aligned with campaign objective. For example, if the goal is to drive leads on Twitter, the charge happens when users submit their information via a lead generation card in Promoted Tweet. By the same token, an app install or app engagement campaign will be charged on a cost-per-app-click (CPAC) model. Twitter’s responsibility is to scale the ads through their own back-end algorithm. That’s a noteworthy difference from Facebook, which prices on a cost-per-impression basis.

I would argue that Twitter offers an appropriate platform for native advertising: A brand can take an integrated part in a conversation and attain engagement instead of just floating around. Consequently most marketers see Twitter as a channel to increase brand awareness and community engagement. Time will tell how well Twitter stands against Facebook once they’re held accountable to investors. Whatever happens, I bet we’ll hear about it first on Twitter.


ifat Yifat Michaeli is Senior Social Account Manager at dmg

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