5 Insights From dmexco 2014

We just returned from an extraordinary and fruitful trip to dmexco in Cologne, Germany. It is the biggest digital marketing event in Europe, and undoubtedly a must attend event for the digital marketing community. dmg was well-represented with a great team of performance advertising experts and an awesome booth. We felt the significant growth in exhibitors, companies and brands. Our own booth was packed with multiple meetings occurring at once, and our team had a fully packed schedule during the conference.




In addition, we had the privilege to be invited to take part in the AppNexus Client Showcase where we had the opportunity to talk about client success and publisher development. Here below we look back at some of the highlights and insights from dmexco 2014:


  • The event is all grown up – The event has grown significantly in the last years, not only in relevance for the industry but also in size and global presence. Everyone was in Cologne – from industry leaders to new players. Global corporates brought their top management, and the top agencies came together in a bigger than ever Agency Networking Lounge.
  • Direct Response and Brand Response – With regards to the strong agency presence, it is clear that advertisers now understand that in order to get more engagement and better ROI, they need to better invest on Direct response and Brand response campaigns.
  • Programmatic is the word of the moment – It was everywhere and clearly one of the key themes of the event. From AOL to small ad-networks, everyone spoke about it and emphasized how programmatic became a vital part of their digital brand strategy.
  • Native Advertising is having its day in the sun – With Native ads being viewed 53% more often than banners, Native advertisement was in full glory at dmexco. Discussions about comparison to display, how to better implement it and get the best performance out of it. It was all there.
  • Cross-Channel – A term we have been hearing more and more of lately seems to be here to stay. The industry understands the advantages of offering a one-stop-shop for all digital advertising needs under one roof. With the consolidation trend in this rather young industry, smaller specialty or ‘one-channel’ companies are growing and are merging with others to offer cross-channel campaigns and advertising services.

dmexco group


Programmatic, Cross-channel and other key-buzzwords are now part of companies’ and brands’ strategic plan. It will be interesting to find out how their plan will pan out. We will definitely know more within a year from now, If not sooner.


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