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About DMG

DMG’s advertisers, publishers, and app developers are blazing a trail to the future of digital advertising. DMG unites automation and machine learning so you’ll have plenty to do with all that big data. Our patented technology gives us a transparent way to align the interests of both supply and demand sides for real-time value optimization.

We are your dedicated partner in delivering your brand’s messages and getting your online properties the attention you deserve. You – our clients – are always in first place, and our team takes great pride in your success.

Our Managers

  • Shauli Elimelech


    Shauli Elimelech

    Shauli spearheads DMG’s global growth, bringing his over 14 years of executive management experience. A respected leader in the online marketing industry with an impressive track record.

  • Sagi Mishali


    Sagi Mishali

    Sagi crafts DMG’s financial strategy. A Certified Public Accountant, he holds a B.A. in Economics and Accounting as well as an MBA in International Accounting (IFRS, US GAAP) from the Bar-Ilan University.

  • Keren Golan


    Keren Golan

    Keren ensures that DMG meets KPIs, delivers consistent value, and identifies business opportunities. She has over a decade of experience in the digital advertising industry.

  • Gil Heled


    Gil Heled

    Gil manages the DMG's technology team's research and development activities. His background in software development, helps him as he leads DMG’s R&D team.

  • Tali Chomed

    VP Video

    Tali Chomed

    Tali oversees DMG’s premium video advertising business, keeping it on-trend. After six years in management roles at DMG, Tali has deep digital marketing knowledge and experience.

  • Dalia Mountwitten

    VP Business Development

    Dalia Mountwitten

    Dalia manages relationships with DMG’s clients and media suppliers. Her experience and thorough understanding of the industry is an instrumental asset to DMG.

Our Partners

  • lqkd
  • amazon
  • huawei
  • speedo
  • toys4us
  • gumi
  • goodgames
  • accuweather
  • altitude
  • aol
  • buongiorno
  • cheetamobile
  • ciamedia
  • facebook
  • gameloft
  • googleAd
  • grindr
  • indiaT
  • itube
  • meetme
  • neomobile
  • nimbuzz
  • nordeus
  • opera
  • optimatic
  • outfit
  • pinger
  • real
  • reckitt
  • redBull
  • rovio
  • smaato
  • sourseKn
  • tunein
  • ubisoft
  • vdopia
  • Wargaming
  • Forensiq
  • xaxis
  • yahoo
  • Mobfox
  • OpenX
  • Rhythm1
  • Rockyou
  • Mobvista
  • SmartAdServer
  • thedrum
  • StickyAds
  • Veesible
  • appreviews
  • Talking Sumo