Actually Enjoy the Holidays this Year by Planning Ahead

The holiday season is coming up much faster than it seems, with Halloween just around the corner! Don’t let that scare you, though. The good news is that “digital sales are expected to increase 25 percent” this season, according to a new report from PWC. And, DMG will make sure you’re ready for the holidays with this refresher on planning your campaign for Fall-Winter 2016.

1. Have a Full-Coverage Strategy:

Remember that we need to make the most out of different channels to reach our target audiences. Mobile time spent has long surpassed desktop use, but in consumer behavior, it’s a little different. Recent findings show that consumers research their purchases on mobile, but tend to check out on their desktops. Here’s a chart from Google’s Consumer Barometer survey that shows computers in the lead among devices used to make a purchase online:

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Finalize your full-coverage strategy with us to make sure you’re covered consistently across all the media channels out there. Our CEO, Shauli Elimelech, says,

“With over a decade of experience in the advertising industry, you can rest assured that DMG’s team will serve up the full spectrum of the most innovative solutions.”

DMG can help you optimize your distribution of resources among video, app, mobile, native, and social channels.

2. Know your Dates One Month Prior:

We’re all gearing up for these big dates for the end of the year, but we recommend talking to us about a month before your campaign starts.

Chinese Bachelor’s Day: November 11th;
Thanksgiving: November 24th;
Black Friday: November 25th;
Hannukah: December 24th;
Christmas: December 25th;
Kwanzaa: December 26th.

3. Stay on Trend with the Latest Technology:

You could just put an ad on TV, but wouldn’t it be better if you could target the right audience? Now you can. DMG recently launched our proprietary RTB platform, which means you can now buy and sell high-quality media inventory through the RTB system. RTB helps programmatic advertisers, agencies, publishers, SSPs and DSPs to interact with DMG’s inventory in real-time! Plus, it’s compliant with the IAB’s OpenRTB 2.4 protocol. By integrating DMG’s RTB platform you will be able to engage with your target audience at scale and in a whole new way.


Finally, all of us at DMG wish you a successful pre-holiday season. By the time the holidays come around, you’ll be enjoying them with your loved ones while DMG does the rest.


Gil Wilder-Tekuzener is a Marketing Executive at DMG

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