What if A.I. Could Protect Your RTB Bid?
Now it can. Meet BrandX

BrandX is a predictive, smart SSP integration developed by DMG to eliminate uncertainty in RTB. BrandX starts by blocking invalid traffic and calculates the completion rates of video ads. Its machine learning algorithms help you to place the right bid on the first try and make sure you’re bidding on high-quality traffic.

It works by testing the traffic originating from publishers and assigning a traffic risk score. The tool filters inventory through DMG’s unique quality assurance engine, for 3% higher filtering. Our partners enjoy premium levels of clean traffic and the best in predictive analytics.

“Partnering with DMG’s SSP is part of RLLCLL’s goal of bringing its advertisers the best inventory quality and keeping their brands safe.”Rolan Reichel, CEO of RLLCLL

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