With extensive experience in monetizing mobile traffic dmg tackles global campaigns in a multi-faceted arena including multiple carriers, OS, device make and model, browsers, and WiFi. We offer customized solutions according to the publisher’s objectives, ensuring high fill rates and the highest CPMs in the market.
dmg mobile is integrated with major SSPs and exchanges, our patented proprietary technology and rich data - designed especially for mobile- ensure that audiences are targeted with the most relevant ads and that the advertisers served on are the best-matched and at highest value. Comprehensive management and optimization enable increased conversions and sustainable long-term profitability for publishers.
dmg serves the full array of the latest ad formats that match diverse screen sizes and devices, including rich media and video creatives that generate higher CTR rates and revenues.
Partners & Platforms

Airpush has been integrated with dmg since 2011. They are pioneers in A/B testing and have consistently given us valuable feedback that enables us to improve our global mobile ad network. dmg’s innovative technology helps us optimize our ads and increases the value of our traffic, which means that we can provide even more ROI to the world's top advertisers.”
Asher Delug, Founder & CEO of Airpush


dmg is one of the leading players in the global digital performance ecosystem. Since 2010, dmg has leveraged AppNexus' platform capabilities and dynamic marketplace of unparalleled global liquidity to build a strong business across display and mobile channels. dmg continues to push the limits of digital advertising and innovate on top of the AppNexus platform. dmg’s constructive feedback contributes to our continuous improvement and their advanced optimization expertise on the AppNexus platform delivers great value to their advertiser and publisher clients. As a preferred client, dmg was chosen to be a beta partner for our mobile platform.”
Brian O’Kelley, CEO of AppNexus

Case Study


In the face of revenue declines from this platform, the collaboration was in need of an overhaul. The mission was to get the full potential out of the partnership - meaning not only to get it back on track, but to reach new records by growing both revenue and scale. As one of the largest SSPs, Smaato is connected to an endless pool of apps and mobile websites in all verticals with huge potential for growth in revenue for the platform, the publishers and ultimately dmg.


dmg understood the need to improve communication between the partners so challenges could be tackled together. An exclusive and fully dedicated account manager was assigned to Smaato to improve results and scale. This led to:
• Immediate campaign attention and real-time action to leverage high engagement rates with the publishers’ target audiences.
• Flexibility to take more risk with dynamic CPC and CPM pricing, which in turn granted competitive rates and higher publisher revenue.

Smaato and dmg have enjoyed a long-term partnership that's been characterized by constant revenue growth.
dmg is monetizing our mobile advertising traffic worldwide and continues to deliver extremely competitive eCPMs. Our collaboration is very successful on both the supply and demand sides, thanks in no small part to dmg’s outstanding communication, service and level of involvement.
We are happy and proud that dmg ranks among our most important strategic partners."
Leon Ridderbroek, Director of Demand Relationships EMEA


Since implementing changes in partner communication and employing more risk with dynamic pricing models, Smaato and dmg have both capitalized remarkably.
The results of the collaboration improved significantly in the first half of 2015 (January-June). Business continues to scale, and the strategic partnership continually strengthens.

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