dmg offers straight forward and effective monetization opportunities to publishers by placing premium video advertising with maximum engagement globally and across all screens.
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Our all-inclusive video advertising solution supports all standard video ad formats

Want to Add Video to Your Site?

Turn your display into video, easy player implementation

We offer multi-screen video content with maximum engagement

We bring you engaging campaigns from top brands

Maximize Revenue on Your Video Content

We offer global, premium campaigns tailored to your inventory

High fill rates

Our personalized approach guaarntees easy implementation

You are an SSP / Network

We monetize your video inventory

Integrated to all leading exchanges

dmg helps you to make more out of your traffic and monetize your video content

100% transparency

Demand aggregation from
direct brands and premium

High fill rate abilities increase
inventory usage

We optimize beyond
KPI’s – performance is in
our network's DNA

Innovative in-house optimization
technology and reporting

Highest level of service &


dmg's expertise and knowledge of the programmatic landscape - especially in video - makes it both a pleasure and an inspiration to work with them. Their professionalism and strong sense of initiative helps us to always ensure that campaigns are best optimized to meet their delivery potential. And, it's also what builds a solid trust between our networks. We look forward to a shared, continued success with dmg."
Hector Pantazopoulos, Chief Revenue Officer at SourceKnowledge

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