Display Advertising – What We Expect to Happen in 2015

2015 appears to be the year in which display advertising will evolve.  A lot of changes in the way things work have set a course to more major changes in display which will take a full effect in the coming year. While some of the predictions mentioned below might seem familiar from past years, they remain relevant in the coming year as well. Here are our predictions:

More and more brands, agencies and networks switch to programmatic thanks to its efficiency and targeting and this trend won’t change during the next year.  Programmatic has a lot of advantages, mainly in making RTB (Real-time bidding) more efficient by allowing advertisers to buy guaranteed ad impressions in advance from specific publishers. We expect to see more effort from agencies, networks and media companies to develop their own in-house programmatic technology teams. In addition, we might see more of the “traditional” media being sold through programmatic.

Native Advertising

Native advertising is predicted to grow by more than 30% in 2015. It has both technological and economic advantages, and above all – it helps marketers to reach their audience better than traditional banner ads. Our chips go to programmatic native advertising, but for it to truly fulfil its potential in the coming year, two things need to happen: publishers will have to put their effort in developing native layouts, and advertisers will have to adapt their creative assets to match the publisher’s layouts.

Reducing of Cookie Based Tracking

Tracking users effectively across multiple devices is a challenge for cookies; we believe the use of new tools will lead the tracking of user behavior and eventually reduce the reliability on cookies significantly.


Brands, agencies and networks have transparency on the top of their list of challenges. Assuring that advertisers will have greater visibility of where their ads are being placed and who they are seen by has to become an industry standard.

Brand Safety

As the industry goes to a more programmatic environment, advertisers need to understand that programmatic does not equal automatic. To get the most out of the automated part of the implementation, they need to assure that people will be involved in the process. Advertisers don’t want their ads to appear on dodgy Websites. Our prediction is that marketers will take a more pro-active approach to assure brand safety in 2015.



TaliTali Chomed is VP Display at dmg

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