DMG’s what’s and how’s of dmexco 2016

dmexco is one of the biggest industry events of the season, where marketers come to meet, discuss and mainly do business with leading advertisement companies and agencies.

dmg had a respectful representation at the conference with a beautiful booth and a team of advertising experts.


For the sake of those of you who couldn’t attend, or those who were a bit too dazed during the event, our team gathered a few interesting insights of the what’s and how’s that the industry is all buzzing about right now.

There were a few topics that were on everybody mind-  Content advertising, adblockers, programmatic and fraud.


The how– The show this year was the “programmatic show” seems that everyone is going programmatically and buying media is done mostly by RTB   –  bidding algorithms and engines.

It is unlikely you will find any stand at dmexco not talking about its programmatic identifications.


The what– quality advertisement. With ad blockers gaining more and more power and support by worldwide users, user experience is no longer an issue that can be ignored. During the conference “The Coalition for Better Ads” was announced, in a joint effort by the top tier advertising bodies. It’s main goal is to ensure ad quality and work towards ad standardization, that will keep users engaged and solve the diminishing pool of ad viewers.   Which brings us to the topic of Content Marketing AKA Native; The hot and buzzing trend in advertising.  Visitors to our booth were very interested in our content marketing option, and it sure was a frequently discussed topic. Seems that native marketing, in form of apps, and also video is definitely here to stay.


The who– Who is really watching my ads, or in other words: fraud. dmexco made it clear that in the ad industry now there is a zero tolerance approach to potential ad fraud and non-human traffic. When working with agencies and brand it is a must to make sure the traffic is 100% clean. In dmg, for example, we have internal tools to detect fraudulent activity and we are integrated with Forensiq which our booth visitors found very reassuring.


  Gil Wilder-Tekuzener is a Marketing Executive at dmg

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