F8 – Facebook Talks Advertising Technology

Over the last few weeks Facebook published news and announcements about its new features almost on a weekly basis. With new dedicated apps for advertisers, new features for publishers and of course the users, these features did not miss any of their audiences.
It was no surprise that the company’s annual 2 day developer conference was the place to announce some additional noteworthy news.

Facebook’s yearly conference was opened with Mark Zuckerberg’s keynote showcasing insights into where the social media giant is headed. The most significant news were about Messenger, Facebook’s instant-messaging ‘app turned to platform’. Zuckerberg announced it is now open for third-party developers, meaning that developers will be able to add in new functionality to Messenger such as e-commerce possibilities. A new feature of the growing platform is Messenger Business, which will allow users to communicate with merchants by sending them a direct message, make a reservation, checking shipping information, ask questions and get quick responses in an ongoing thread. Smells like advertising opportunities!

Most noteworthy for the advertising industry is the announcement that LiveRail — which Facebook acquired last year–introduced new features that include support in mobile display ads in addition to video, and the ability to tap into a pool of anonymized Facebook data to determine which ad to show. These two features are great additions to LiveRail as they strengthen the platform’s set of tools in the programmatic arena and mobile channels.
The company also introduced a new analytics for apps tool that provides a dashboard with data so developers and marketers can better understand their audience and better monetize the data they own. For developers and marketers, information such as who is using their apps, are they spending money in-app and more is crucial for optimization.

The conference proved once again that the social media giant is way past being a network that allows users to keep in touch with their friends. As the industry moves forward, Facebook has no plans to miss any train and continues to spread its arms around the developments that shape our connected future and strengthen its position as one of the most important advertising technology companies.


ProBoris Shurp is Marketing Executive at dmg

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