Facebook’s Ads are About to be More Captivating


Captivating, right?

Facebook is about to bring something fresh as they recently started encouraging marketers to place ads looking like the image above in our feeds. The social media platform is looking to revamp its ad formats and the latest and firmly established auto-play feature has opened a fresh creative path for advertisers to attract consumers. For those of you who are not in the know, the image (yes, image – not video) type above is called cinemagraph and it’s simply a GIF in which only a detail in the image is moving. According to Adweek, Facebook released a guide for marketers called “Hacking Facebook Autoplay” in which it encourages marketers to use cinemagraph by noting that “This is something that plays out with motion in the feed that’s cool”.

The cinemagraph format is not new at all. Advertising agencies had their fair share of use of this format mostly related to premium brands; consumers experimented with creating their own cinemagraphs by means of specific apps a few years ago and Tumblr features these types of ads as well.
It is interesting to see that the social media platform took a step back relying on an ad format that’s been around for a while when looking to introduce new advertising options. This ad form ultimately does capture the users’ attention and when it appears on the feed, it will look fresh and renewed – Hence, Facebook should look no further, this is efficient.

While advertisers will enjoy better engagement, the process of creating these ads is not as easy as it may appear. Advertisers will face new creative challenges as they will have to find the best ways to use cinemagraphs and make sure it will actually deliver the message they wish to deliver. Consumers will get used to images with wind blowing in someone’s hair or liquids in motion in a static image. This means that creative will be the real challenge for advertisers. With the right creative, cinemagraphs might be the ad format consumers will heavily engage with instead of just learning to ignore it with time.


ProBoris Shurp is Marketing Executive at dmg

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