Keeping Up with a Constantly Changing Industry- Interview with dmg’s CTO Tal Cohen

Keeping Up with a Constantly Changing Industry- Interview with dmg’s CTO Tal Cohen

Being responsible for technology in this very dynamic and growing industry has its challenges.  We spoke to Tal Cohen, our CTO, interested to hear his insights into the ad-tech industry and his vision for dmg in this technology-led environment.

While technology and R&D often do their work behind the scenes, they are major factors and innovation is an absolute necessity for our clients’ and dmg’s success. We came a long way and are proud to have built a highly experienced and innovative team that helps dmg to stay on top of its game.


The Internet industry is ever changing and evolving. As someone with a solid track record for innovation, can you share your vision for the future of dmg with us?

Tal Cohen– The Internet is changing and growing at all times and a more and more complex digital landscape has become the ‘norm’.
We see high increase in mobile Internet use (phones, tablets, etc…) and research shows that more than 50% of users are accessing the internet with more than three different devices on a daily basis.
dmg is focusing on technology abilities to manage this ever changing environment and to enable increased user engagement.
Data is available on a large scale but the ecosystem is still fragmented and the data is delivered by many different sources. At dmg we are able to aggregate the data from all our platforms and channels into one funnel. This means we are able to automatically analyze data across all our platforms and eventually we will be able to make data from one platform actionable across all platforms.
We master performance advertising with analytics and technology critically important to buyers and sellers. Computers driven by data, information and analytics, are becoming the main stakeholders in automatic trading. dmg is reinforcing its position as a leading player in this arena by continuously developing and integrating new and innovative technologies that answer and spearhead this evolution.



Based on your experience in technological management. What are some of the major developments that you have observed?

Tal Cohen- there are three main domains that evolved and are growing dramatically

  • 2014 was definitely the year of mobile; mobile devices and users are the main target for ad-tech players.

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We know that users are more connected to the internet via mobile devices, what’s more interesting is that they are doing this in parallel to other activities like watching TV. This means that continuity and (channel) integration will be the main target of the technological divisions in tech companies. We will see more and more platforms that serve this purpose in the near future.

  • Video progressively takes over other online strategies, and as mobile is growing, mobile video is one of the biggest growth factors in digital advertising. Marketers are jumping on the bandwagon big-time as they realize the need to create video ads that are customized for this medium. The obvious comparison is the rise of TV: we have the opportunity to tell compelling and much more engaging brand stories.
  • The push for RTB and programmatic continues. With the ongoing effort to streamline advertising, programmatic and real time bidding (RTB) are the logical move for marketers seeking to locate and purchase ad space automatically and maximizing ROI in the next few years.

Other than that data analysis and transparency became big topics and continue to be top focus.



How do you tie in dmg’s clients and partners when determining a strategy for developing proprietary technology?

Tal Cohen- A CTO should have the business knowledge necessary to align technology related decisions with the organization’s goals and therefore improve customer experience and results.
We are a leading player in the global digital ad-tech industry and have steep growth goals for 2015 and the years to come. Our technology endeavors focus on business and customer needs.
Today dmg’s systems are almost fully organic which means they can be developed in almost any technological direction we choose. Strategic decisions about developing on our proprietary technology have to consider a few key elements – fast growing abilities, immediate user value, stability and quality, redundancy, easy maintenance, cloud computing and 24/7 accessibility.


How do you manage a development team in a constantly evolving technological environment?

Tal Cohen- It’s most important to put attention on the innovation part, tech teams must be aware of technological trends and shifts. We are constantly training our teams, do a lot of reading and take part in technology and business conventions. We also work with specialists to build new systems and evaluate technologies in cooperation with external partners.


How do you define success in the workforce and what are some of the biggest challenges that your department may be facing in the coming months?

 Tal Cohen- Success in my point of view is:

  • Be agile and deliver results.
  • Increase technological abilities and make sure that we have the best skill set for our missions.
  • Give useful feedback to employees.
  • Establish career goals and clear understanding of how the employee’s role contributes to company objectives and goals

The biggest challenge in the coming months is the continued focus on increased customer experience and results with technology. We are talking about making our systems more flexible to adapt to customer needs, to keep ensuring clean and safe traffic, to handle issues like fraud and domain masking, to create more transparency, and to give 360` viewability solutions to our customers and partners.



Tal Cohen, CTO at dmg

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