Love May Be Blind, But Not Digital Advertising!

When Margery Brews sent the earliest known valentine in 1477 England, she couldn’t have imagined that $20 billion would one day be spent on more modern expressions of love, nor that 91 million people would use dating apps. It’s no surprise that both eCommerce and dating companies love Valentine’s Day, but they need to keep looking for the right match in every visitor year-round.

Valentine’s Day is one of several opportunities throughout the year for online retailers and dating companies to make the most of their relationships with their customers and reach new ones. Around the holiday, driving traffic and gaining new users should be a top concern for both retailers and makers of dating apps.

The Perfect Time and Place

Although the National Retail Federation warned that there could be a dip in spending this year from $20b to $18.2b, the same forecaster predicts 27.2% of those purchases will be made online. Meanwhile, one-third of those online purchases will come from mobile devices. According to Google, “The day before Valentine’s Day, gift givers search on mobile more than on desktop, and in the weeks leading up it’s neck and neck.”



The Look of Love

That’s why the winning eCommerce and dating companies focus on improving the user experience, especially on mobile. Users have come to expect that florists and jewelers, for example, will have optimized mobile websites. As a digital marketing expert, we have to mention a significant part of that user experience-  the advertisements shown to users during their time on a website or in a mobile app. It’s more important than ever to show the right ads to the right people, and in the right format. This is one of the best ways to make the most of your online property.

Modern-Day Matchmaking

DMG provides the most advanced tools that retailers need to drive the best-matched traffic to online stores on Valentine’s day and all year round. We also help dating companies keep up the momentum of their downloads once the holiday has gone by. Whether your audience is single or in a relationship this Valentine’s day, DMG can help them find your business. We guess that makes us a modern-day matchmaker!

   Gil Wilder-Tekuzener is a Marketing Executive at DMG


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