Mobile App Or Mobile Web – Considerations For Creating A Mobile Presence

Let’s assume you already have a product or a service and you’ve been running it on the Web for years. Chances are, you noticed the world is going mobile and if you haven’t joined the mobile game by now, you probably should. But here comes the dilemma:

“Mobile web” or “Mobile apps” is like choosing between chocolate and vanilla, or between The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. Publishers and industry giants alike, new and old, design products in order to get a piece of the mobile-marketing pie. Yet not everyone has an easy time picking a side in this battle between mobile web and applications.

Before you go drinking the mobile Kool-Aid, here is a list of quick questions that will help you jump start your decision making process:





Ultimately, you know your product best, and you know which factors will play the heaviest on your decision. Talk to some developers, talk to some players who run similar products to yours, or talk to some ad networks running both apps and mobile web campaigns. Make a pros and cons list for yourself, ask yourself the questions above, or do some market research – you’ll probably find there are benefits to running both. In any case, you gotta start somewhere. So in the wise words of that guy in that movie, “if you build it, they will come!”

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IMG_23092014_140116 Mary Malinsky is Senior Mobile Account Manager at dmg

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