Notes from Barcelona’s MWC 2017

DMG attended MWC 2017, where our Chief Revenue Officer Keren Golan and Vice President of Video, Tali Chomed, spotted noteworthy industry trends. In this post, they summarize what’s new: from automation’s effect on anti-fraud tactics to data and machine learning as well as video ads in the virtual and augmented space.

“More than ever, automation is everywhere, and it’s being powered by machine learning,” says Keren. “Plus, the growing power of data and artificial intelligence all point to AdTech’s next phase.” In e-commerce, this means that retail data is being harnessed to learn more about each specific consumer. This includes not only their preferences but their engagement with ad campaigns and purchasing activity. Using this rapidly developing technology, DMG is helping brands use granular knowledge of consumer behavior to serve the smartest, most timely, and relevant ads.
At the same time as more placements are automated via RTB, Tali says, “Agencies, trading desks, DSPs and SSPs must maintain a very high level of clean traffic.” Since the programmatic world is more susceptible to fraud, technology must continuously evolve to stop fraud before it starts. DMG has done even more to protect our buyers this year by launching an in-house dashboard and external alert system.

Looking ahead, Tali says that “2017 is the year of mobile-video advertising. Outstream Video ad spend will exceed pre-roll, and virtual reality will become part of advertising. Video ads in 360 are the next big thing, as such ads will be part of 2D and VR video campaigns”.

DMG is committed to developing the most cutting-edge tools for our clients. Our technology is both developed and optimized in-house for maximum flexibility and control. Contact us today to put machine learning, automation, and next generation video to work for your campaigns.


Keren Golan | CRO
As Chief Revenue Officer, Keren ensures that DMG meets KPIs, delivers consistent value, and identifies business opportunities. With over a decade of experience in digital advertising, Keren previously served as the VP Network at appTV, contributing to the establishment and success of the company.

Tali Chomed | VP Video
As Vice President of Video, Tali oversees DMG’s premium video advertising business, keeping it on-trend. After six years in management roles at DMG, Tali has deep digital marketing knowledge and experience.

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