Social Advertising – What We Expect to Happen in 2015

After expanding their mobile presence, the coming year will see social platforms grow some of the seeds they planted in 2014. User behaviors frequently change and the advertising industry constantly evolves, leading to new trends. Here we are zooming in on three predictions we know will become central in social advertising in the year to come.



Social platforms will put more effort into simplifying and establishing sCommerce. Technically Twitter and Facebook have already developed the purchase option, but creating this commerce set-up was the easy part, now the focus will go to building a loyal consumer base. The consumers are already using social media as a tool for research of products and services, moving forward, buying makes sense. Advertisers will use the social platforms’ data to better target users with offers based on their interest. They will compete with eCommerce giants such as eBay and Amazon who mostly attract consumers with random price-based deals.


More Video ads

If 2014 was the year of mobile for Facebook, 2015 is going to be the year of the video. After capitalizing on the mobile trend, social platforms’ focus goes to expanding their video ads base. Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook already have the infrastructure for their users, now they encourage advertisers to invest in video ads. In Facebook’s case, big brands will enjoy better reach and engagement with video ads but it is still not worth a small business’ money. I have no doubt this trend will change and move to small businesses as well in the coming year.


User Preservation will Cost Advertisers

Social media platforms will heavily focus on user preservation. In the case of Facebook reports indicate that younger users are slowly crossing to other social media alternatives. The social media giant is not ignoring these facts and took a few strategic steps in 2014’s Q4 that will surely affect the coming year. Facebook has already simplified its user privacy settings and began cleaning the news feed from non-relevant posts and ads. The latter strategic move will raise the demand for targeted ads and therefore raise ad spent. This in turn will allow Facebook raise the media pricing.




RonRon Soker is Social Team Lead at dmg

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