5 Things Ad-Tech Product Managers Should Consider When Planning Their Company’s Future
With the rise of programmatic ad buying, the role of the product manager in the ad tech industry becomes increasingly crucial. The customer’s (both from the advertiser and publisher side) requirements and expectations for new and innovative advertising solutions are ascending.
The War on Fraud
As the number of fraudulent ads reaches alarming scales, the industry increases its focus on finding solutions.
Engage Your Audience With The Obvious
How global events such as the FIFA World Cup affect digital marketing.
Keeping Score of The World Cup Campaigns
The world cup is a global phenomenon that will be followed and watched closely by billions of people around the world. Tsur Shraibman explains why the advertisers and the publishers should keep their audience engaged.
Fixed CPM – Is it Really What You Hoped For?
How you can maximize your long-term revenue by working with a revenue share model. Roni Namdar suggests publishers to take small risks that will return significant benefits.
Game of Phones: Trends in Mobile Gaming for 2014-2015
With the emergence of app stores, mobile game apps became the most dominant features to be purchased on the app stores and mobile gaming came to be remarkably prominent in pop culture. Do you know what's next in the mobile gaming industry? Alon Shen offers his predictions.
Now Trending: Ad Networks 2.0
How much do you know about Ad Networks? Tsur Shraibman offers a comprehensive overview off Ad Networks – Their history, the workforce behind them and much more.
Negotiation – Getting What You Want
Some might think that negotiation is about winning a competition. Eran Ben Yehoshua shares his insights on what a negotiation is really all about for media buyers and how to achieve your goals and get what you want.