Pokemon Go, Ads and the Future of Everything
Augmented reality is at the center of attention of the gaming industry’s primary players for a while now. In less than ten years, smartphones transformed gaming, and those who got in on it early in the game, are now reaping their huge profit. Here’s what Dalia Mountwitten, our VP client service, has to say about Augmented reality in general, and the Pokémon craze in specific.
Client Interview: Nordeus
gamescom is almost here! We are looking forward to celebrate the gaming industry at Europe’s biggest event for interactive games and entertainment. In light of the event we talked to Nordeus, the publisher of Top Eleven Football Manager, one of the most popular social sports video games.
What’s In Store For Amazon?
Amazon is looking beyond its main scope of business, but where?
Now Trending At Gamescom 2014
With Gamescom 2014 fully in play, here are 5 major trends from the conference:
Are You Game For Video?
The meteoric rise of digital video ads will surely be a hot topic when talking game promotion. Rami Brusilovsky, Director of Video, shares his insights about the impact of digital video ads and their performance benefits.
FIFA World Cup 2014 – The Potential of Event Dedicated Banners
Special-event dedicated banners can provide high CTRs if they are done right. Nir Green, offers a glimpse into the process of creating dedicated banners.
Game of Phones: Trends in Mobile Gaming for 2014-2015
With the emergence of app stores, mobile game apps became the most dominant features to be purchased on the app stores and mobile gaming came to be remarkably prominent in pop culture. Do you know what's next in the mobile gaming industry? Alon Shen offers his predictions.