Love May Be Blind, But Not Digital Advertising!
Valentine’s Day is one of several opportunities throughout the year for online retailers and dating companies to make the most of their relationships with their customers and reach new ones. Around the holiday, driving traffic and gaining new users should be a top concern for both retailers and makers of dating apps.
Actually Enjoy the Holidays this Year by Planning Ahead
The holiday season is coming up much faster than it seems, with Halloween just around the corner! Don't let that scare you, though. The good news is that "digital sales are expected to increase 25 percent" this season, according to a new report from PWC. And, DMG will make sure you're ready for the holidays with this refresher on planning your campaign for Fall-Winter 2016.
Pokemon Go, Ads and the Future of Everything
Augmented reality is at the center of attention of the gaming industry’s primary players for a while now. In less than ten years, smartphones transformed gaming, and those who got in on it early in the game, are now reaping their huge profit. Here’s what Dalia Mountwitten, our VP client service, has to say about Augmented reality in general, and the Pokémon craze in specific.
Client Interview: Nordeus
gamescom is almost here! We are looking forward to celebrate the gaming industry at Europe’s biggest event for interactive games and entertainment. In light of the event we talked to Nordeus, the publisher of Top Eleven Football Manager, one of the most popular social sports video games.
Monetization in Apps – The Basics
App monetization series, part 1: Get to know the different app monetization methods.
GSMA Mobile Economy Report Highlights
The GSMA released an in-depth report about Mobile economy, we highlighted some key predictions from the report that are relevant to the digital advertising industry.
Four Leading Trends from Mobile World Congress 2015
Here is our take on the four major trends from this year's Mobile World Congress.
GSMA MWC 2015 – How to Get a Free Pass?
We are giving away a free pass to the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Here is how you can get one.
Social Advertising – What We Expect to Happen in 2015
What does the coming year hold for Social Advertising? here are our predictions.
Apps – What We Expect to Happen in 2015
The growing usage of smart-mobile devices steered early forecasts about apps mainly on how they will conquer the world; these predictions quickly became reality. Apps and mobile devices were connected from day one so it should come as no surprise that some of the predictions mentioned below are a consequence of the changes in the mobile […]