Who’s Afraid of RTB?
RTB remains uncharted territory for many brands and publishers, although it’s been around for a few years. It puts together advertisers, publishers, agencies, ad networks, and exchanges and benefits them all. It’s the fastest and most efficient way to purchase digital inventory.
Cracking Advertising on the Apple Watch
The Apple Watch brings new opportunities and challenges for advertising, here is what marketers should keep in mind when planning their strategy for the device.
GSMA Mobile Economy Report Highlights
The GSMA released an in-depth report about Mobile economy, we highlighted some key predictions from the report that are relevant to the digital advertising industry.
Four Things to Remember when Planning Your Next Native Advertising Campaign
How native advertising differentiate itself from other advertising formats?
Display Advertising – What We Expect to Happen in 2015
What does the coming year hold for Display Advertising? here are our predictions.
The War on Fraud
As the number of fraudulent ads reaches alarming scales, the industry increases its focus on finding solutions.
5 Insights From dmexco 2014
Our team spent two extraordinary and fruitful days at dmexco. This seems like the perfect opportunity to share 5 insights from the conference.
What’s Next For Yahoo?
Yahoo acquired a company that has become one of the most significant players in app advertising and analytics. Where do you go from here?
Engage Your Audience With The Obvious
How global events such as the FIFA World Cup affect digital marketing.
Keeping Score of The World Cup Campaigns
The world cup is a global phenomenon that will be followed and watched closely by billions of people around the world. Tsur Shraibman explains why the advertisers and the publishers should keep their audience engaged.