The New Frontiers in Advertising from CES
The world of consumer electronics is evolving, along with user expectations for interactions with products. This year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada showcased smarter consumer technology.
5 Things Ad-Tech Product Managers Should Consider When Planning Their Company’s Future
With the rise of programmatic ad buying, the role of the product manager in the ad tech industry becomes increasingly crucial. The customer’s (both from the advertiser and publisher side) requirements and expectations for new and innovative advertising solutions are ascending.
dmg’s what’s and how’s of dmexco 2016
Our advertising experts just got back from one of the biggest industry events of the season -dmexco, and they’ve got some interesting insights to share with you. Here are our takes on the what’s and how’s of dmexco 2016….
A Video Campaign ‘Error 101’
When running ad campaigns technical errors are a common problem. In order to fix those errors it is important to find out what happened and why.
Keeping Up with a Constantly Changing Industry- Interview with dmg’s CTO Tal Cohen
Our industry is part of an ever-developing technological environment that is becoming increasingly complex all the time. We couldn't think of a better person than our own CTO, Tal Cohen, to talk to us about the vision and challenges in a technology led environment.
Wearable Tech Goes Programmatic
As Programmatic thrives and became the hottest term in the industry, it was only a matter of time until it found its way to connect with wearable tech.
The War on Fraud
As the number of fraudulent ads reaches alarming scales, the industry increases its focus on finding solutions.
Three Types of Consumers, Three Types of Privacy Challenges
Meet the three types of consumers that present different challenges for marketers in the big data era.
Neuromarketing – Lab Experiment Or A Gamechanger?
With the wearable technology age upon us, Is Neuromarketing the key to targeting consumers more effectively?