DMG’s 2017 Trend Predictions
We at DMG are keeping our eye on industry trends that we expect to see in 2017. From evolving measurement standards to the end of mass marketing, the “war” against fraud and big data getting bigger, the world of digital marketing is currently undergoing yet another evolution.
Who’s Afraid of RTB?
RTB remains uncharted territory for many brands and publishers, although it’s been around for a few years. It puts together advertisers, publishers, agencies, ad networks, and exchanges and benefits them all. It’s the fastest and most efficient way to purchase digital inventory.
dmg’s what’s and how’s of dmexco 2016
Our advertising experts just got back from one of the biggest industry events of the season -dmexco, and they’ve got some interesting insights to share with you. Here are our takes on the what’s and how’s of dmexco 2016….
A Video Campaign ‘Error 101’
When running ad campaigns technical errors are a common problem. In order to fix those errors it is important to find out what happened and why.
F8 – Facebook Talks Advertising Technology
How the announcements at Facebook's yearly conference will affect the digital advertising industry and how it impacts their long term strategy.
GSMA Mobile Economy Report Highlights
The GSMA released an in-depth report about Mobile economy, we highlighted some key predictions from the report that are relevant to the digital advertising industry.
Four Leading Trends from Mobile World Congress 2015
Here is our take on the four major trends from this year's Mobile World Congress.
Facebook’s Ads are About to be More Captivating
The social media platform is looking to revamp its ad formats and it has its eyes on GIF's.
5 Insights From dmexco 2014
Our team spent two extraordinary and fruitful days at dmexco. This seems like the perfect opportunity to share 5 insights from the conference.
Are You Game For Video?
The meteoric rise of digital video ads will surely be a hot topic when talking game promotion. Rami Brusilovsky, Director of Video, shares his insights about the impact of digital video ads and their performance benefits.