Optimization Platform
Our technologies enable the simplified control and optimization of digital advertising campaigns on multiple exchanges and media sources from a single location. They also allow detailed real-time tracking of campaign performance. Delivering fast, comprehensive management capabilities - and visibility over the whole value chain from impression to conversion - we dramatically increase profitability for both advertisers and publishers, while streamlining the entire process.
Post-Click Management and Optimization Platform - Traffiliate
Traffiliate, dmg’s patented proprietary decision-making platform for the management and optimization of the post-click stage for Display, PPC and Mobile advertising campaigns. Traffiliate increases conversion rates by an astounding 30%-200%. The system matches multiple landing pages with numerous user profiles and enables a real time post-click optimization process, and serves up the best-performing landing page for each profile and delivers unified reporting system.
Traffiliate for Mobile
dmg’s Traffiliate for Mobile is a powerful optimization platform for advanced mobile campaign performance and conversion tracking. Allowing a focus on best-performing channels for maximum ROI, the system monitors and handles a wide range of parameters, including: Carriers, OS, Device Make and Model, Publishers, Geo, Browser, and WiFi.
Cross Platform Campaign
dmg’s sophisticated cross platform management solution enables the simplified control and optimization of advertising campaigns on multiple exchanges and media sources - from a single location.
Multiple Conversion Tracking & Attribution System
dmg’s broad-based tracking and attribution system enhances campaign optimization, improves accuracy, and simplifies the integration and management of campaigns. Diverse integration is enabled - by token, server-to-server, and server-to-image. Accuracy of attribution of conversion to pixel is enhanced, and multiple platforms and optimization systems are updated via a single pixel.

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