Harness your big data and power up with DMG

Our Technology

DMG lives ahead of the curve, developing and improving the most cutting-edge tools every day. Our advertising campaign management is the best in the business thanks to these technologies. DMG Tech is developed and optimized in-house, giving each customer the control and flexibility to customize campaigns and adapt them based on performance.

The Traffiliate™ and Benson™ management tools centralize and optimize campaigns management. Pixel services™ track performance in real time and in minute detail, from impression to conversion. Our in-house BI system aggregates data to provide our experts with unified, real-time reporting across multiple exchanges and media sources. It’s integrated with fraud detection tools, working round-the-clock to ensure quality impressions. It guarantees optimal control over campaigns.  For advertisers and publishers, DMG’s comprehensive management technology is an essential part of the value chain.  


Our RTB platform matches premium ad spaces with quality brands for the right views millions of times per day. DMG’s risk management is always on alert for fraud, stopping it before it starts. The technology is compliant with the IAB’s newest OpenRTB protocol and uses Forensiq data.

Using real-time optimization intelligence, we bring together the right inventory, the right campaigns, and at the right price. The quality of our inventory and traffic is as premium as it gets, with the industry’s lowest rate of invalid traffic.

  • Real-time analytics dashboard
  • Campaign building tools for advertisers
  • Monetization boosting tools for publishers
  • Artificial intelligence decision engine
  • Fraud detection tools
  • Risk management tools
  • Native 1.1 format capability  
  • Full transparency for advertisers and publishers


Drive the value of your inventory and get higher fill rates with DMG’s real-time bidding platform.

  • Premium-demand advertisers
  • Control over content and ad types
  • Monetization and optimal yields
  • Publisher dashboard to track performance
  • Transparent data and insights on-demand.


Access DMG’s wide array of top-quality direct inventory in milliseconds through our DSP. It’s the most effective way to scale your engagement of target audiences.

  • Optimization of performance and efficiency
  • Aggregation of multiple exchange and media sources
  • Transparent conversion tracking
  • AI engine for awareness or performance campaigns
  • Intelligent campaign building dashboard


Impress your audience by showing them native content that blends in seamlessly. DMG specializes in native formats and content that provide your users with a great experience: the look, feel, and content that they are actually interested in. Boost your user quality and LTV in a big way, leading to higher-quality engagement and conversions.
*New – Native 1.1 format capability.


Visualize your messages and bring your ideas to life with DMG’s buzzing Creative Studio. Our experts deliver your advertising concepts in a relatable way to your target audience.

  • Creative consulting
  • Mobile and social creative solutions
  • Ads in any format: native, video, interactive, 360, VR, HTML5
  • Website and landing page design
  • Creative development