The Google & YouTube boycott and the importance of clean traffic

Tackling Ad Fraud with New Tools 

All of a sudden, it seems like everybody is talking about the importance of clean traffic. Billions of dollars lost to ad fraud and recent incidents such as Methbot and the Google scandal, where ads appeared next to extremist content, have raised awareness of fraudulent traffic schemes and highlighted the importance of brand safety controls and viewability standards industry-wide.
This is a no-brainer for DMG since clean traffic has been at the forefront of our concerns and activities for quite some time. As a veteran in the video ecosystem, DMG prides itself on setting the gold standard of quality in the industry, with a commitment to brand protection, strong traffic validation mechanisms, and partnerships with companies like Forensiq.
To prevent fraud from impacting its customers’ video campaigns, DMG launched a new video dashboard with built-in Forensiq data. With its powerful tools, the dashboard can prevent fraudulent, distorted, and manipulated traffic from damaging publishers’ reputations or diminishing value for programmatic buyers.

Solutions and High Standards:
No advertiser wants to pay for their ads to appear next to offensive or inappropriate content, nor for bots to view their ads. We take care to clean traffic and avoid fraudulent requests, which protects publishers, direct sites, media houses, agencies, and third-party traffic sources. Our inventory is below 3% IVT, we suspend bad inventory, and check each site manually before approving it – making sure we see a player and the ad placement, among other parameters.


Finally, it’s time to update the industry’s standards for the measurement of digital video impressions. A good start would be to define targets for metrics such as video viewability (benchmarking at 70%, for example). We encourage the adoption of rigorous measurement standards, which can become a reality with industry-wide collaboration.


DMG will soon have a hand in these global processes, as we recently joined the Interactive Advertising Bureau, a leader in developing industry standards for the online advertising industry.

Setting high standards for clean traffic and committing to brand safety is of paramount importance for the entire digital advertising community. Whether you’re an advertiser or a publisher, it is crucial to prioritize anti-fraud activities and adapt to the shifting needs of the industry.


Gil Heled is DMG’s CTO

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