The War on Fraud

Fraud detection and prevention is an issue that is increasingly discussed and has become a major focus for the ad tech industry.

The numbers mentioned in relation to this matter are daunting, knowing that 30 to 40 percent of the traffic brought to ad-exchanges by their partners and clients is fraudulent is highly alarming actually. Hence, it comes as no surprise that many key industry players are deciding to take action, join forces and fight this worrisome trend. One example of a company stepping up for defense is certainly AppNexus who are taking increasing measures to insure compliance of their exchange seat holders with its anti-fraud policy. Following the acquisition of Alenty, a Paris based traffic viewability company, they released an anti-obfuscation technology that allows to detect and isolate traffic obfuscation and click fraud with laser accuracy.




As an ad-network, we truly believe in the importance of improving the quality of traffic on the exchanges and understand our responsibility to root out players that engage in fraud. We need to ensure the quality of traffic implemented to the exchanges. Hence, it is crucial to use strict vetting processes for new publishers before onboarding them and to use 3rd party vendors to verify traffic and creative banners.

While the need for appropriate technology is growing and we will surely see more developments to answer these needs in the near future, it is important for traffickers to safeguard quality and transparency on the exchange seat.

The industry’s pro-active approach to fraud is crucial for creating a clean eco-system that will assure quality traffic. Networks and exchanges have to work closely to overcome the challenges faced and to ensure a fraud-free future for display advertising.


stasRos Stas Rosenbaum is a Publisher Development Team Lead at dmg


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