Video Advertising – What We Expect to Happen in 2015

2015 is going to be the year of video. The number of video ads will continue to grow rapidly in the digital sphere. Social platforms for one began to integrate video ads in our feeds since 2014, a trend that will significantly increase. As the number of video ads will grow, video advertisers will face more challenges. Some of these trends and challenges will be dominating the focus of the industry in the coming year.


Everyone will Join the Party

In the current ecosystem video advertising spent is almost exclusive to big brands. 2015 will mark the change to this reality. As users get accustomed to seeing more video ads on social platforms, and advertisers will get better at producing ad-worthy video content, prices will come down. This will allow medium and small businesses to spend on video ads and contribute significantly to its growth. In the future video will become a significant part of performance advertising as opposed to today’s ecosystem in which video advertising is almost exclusively used for branding.


Ad Networks to The Rescue

Self-service platforms such as Google’s DoubleClick offer big enterprises great services but have a hard time to provide truly effective account management services for small to medium size enterprises. This is where ad-networks have an advantage – The majority of ad networks have an additional account management service layer that caters to advertisers and publishers of any size. An added bonus for video advertisers is that ad networks also have access to syndicated ads and often have a substantial amount of in-house expertise that can help clients promote their video ads.


The War on Fraud will Increase

The growth of programmatic ad buying technology makes fraudulent ad views harder to track. As video ads will increase, fraudsters will continue to display ever-evolving originality in their scams. The efforts to fight these cons will boost the creation of verification tools. These tools will offer monitoring of viewability, content rating systems and spam filtering capabilities. As a result advertisers will be encouraged to spend more on video and the industry will become more transparent.



rami1Rami Brusilovsky is VP Video at dmg

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