What to Watch at DMEXCO 2017 with DMG 

Where do marketing, communication, and technology meet? This week, DMG is going back to the biggest trade fair and conference in the digital marketing world. We’ll be in Cologne, Germany from September 13-14th, 2017 – and at this year’s show, the focus will stay on the human being as a consumer in an age of transformation as major trends sweep through the advertising world:



The Internet of Things is ever-expanding the quantity, quality, and variety of potential advertising surfaces. In fact, it will change the nature of advertising for good. It means that brands can meet their customers in highly relevant and personalized contexts, telling their stories on screens from smart mirrors to intelligent refrigerators and limitless others!



The domain of artificial intelligence is no longer contained to research labs. Today’s best advertising tools, like DMG’s own, tap into machine learning algorithms to make the right decisions in nanoseconds.



Long a DMG mainstay, programmatic ads continue to gain traction and evolve technologically. More data, higher quality targeting, and the resulting better conversions are all enabled by continued advancements in our field- and we’ll be joining the conversation at the show this year.


“Lightening the Age of Transformation” is more than just the theme of this year’s event; it’s certain that the ongoing process of digital transformation is driven by marketing and brands.


So, if you’re looking to learn about new developments in the field of digital marketing and be inspired, meet the DMG team and hear firsthand about all these new developments, and how DMG can help you implement them in your marketing activities.


Our DMEXCO Team:

Shauli Elimelech CEO

Keren Golan CRO

Tali Chomed Video VP

Viki Vaturi Team Lead Business Development, Mobile

Elinor Avny Account Manager Video

Danielle Cohen Account Manager Social



Will we see you at DMEXCO this year?



Meet us @ DMEXCO

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