Wearable Tech Goes Programmatic

Fit-wrists, smartwatches, head mounted display… What was once the early-adopters’ latest trend has become widely embraced. It is safe to say that we are all bound to see and use wearable tech more and more.
Where there are consumers, there are advertisers that are always on the lookout to find better methods to target their potential audience.

As Programmatic thrives and became the hottest term in the industry, it was only a matter of time until it found its way to connect with wearable tech. One of the first companies to make this connection is FitAd. They facilitate automated promos that run banners to consumers who have downloaded a dedicated mobile app onto their Sony or Samsung watches.




Wearable tech offers deeper insights than smartphones or other mobile devices. With predictions claiming that location based data will thrive in 2015, the connection between programmatic and wearable tech makes even more sense. Ads will appear only when they ‘sense’ the user’s attention.

Programmatic advertising technology promises to make the ad buying system more efficient and to reduce manpower in the process, hence becoming more economical. With the amount of new and more accurate data users will share through the wearable devices, programmatic advertising will be a crucial part of the wearable tech advertising ecosystem. We won’t have to wait for long for the few elements missing to make this ecosystem perfect. Google’s pay-per-gaze patent, anyone?

I’m sure that with combined effort key players in the wearable tech industry, publishers and advertisers will find the best method to connect programmatic and wearable tech. They must have enough tricks up their sleeves. Pun intended.


ProBoris Shurp is Marketing Executive at dmg 

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