DMG just Got XML!

Now you can buy & sell zero-click & pop traffic in Real time with our Platform
We Differentiate ourselves by being super strict and limited in our partners list – Only direct, First hand, Real, Quality traffic.
We are Working Only with Direct, Legit, Clean, checked Offers.
Transparent - We are passing all the data including the referrer & keyword, Not masking our traffic.

That’s how we roll at DMG - We never settle for less than the best!
Keeping it exclusive, small and premium.

For Advertisers

For Publishers

  • Traffic Sources

    We have all the traffic sources you can ask for – Mobile & Desktop, Web & in-app, no duplications.

  • Best Targeting Options

    specific and wide options of targeting – by carriers, keywords and more.

  • Zero-Click

    the highest quality traffic the industry has to offer, you may know it as Domain parking or misspelled domains – anyway it’s not getting better than that.

  • Hands On & Off

    you can use our self-serve platform and we will be there for you from the first step and all the way from there.

  • Direct Offers

    We will run our big and diversify pool of direct offers on your Traffic\Inventory.

  • Clean Offers

    We are using the main brands of fraud detection and running only clean and working offers.

  • Diversify Demand

    We got offers that will feet all type of traffic and all verticals.

  • High Bids

    In order to reserve high quality traffic we are keeping our bids high and fit them to sources price. We are looking for all real, high quality traffic and willing to pay in accordance.